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The road of Oia Trans was started from Ovidiu Perju’s passion for the transport industry and from his desire to build a company that offers top services.


Over the years, we have created close partnerships with customers, always providing them with specially managed transport services for their products and needs. The secret of this evolution was the united team that was formed in the company from the beginning, thus acquiring a valuable know-how and a fluent way of working.

The company has a modern fleet that meets European sustainability standards (EURO 6) and a team of professional drivers.


Thanks to investments in technology and interest in working to the highest standards, Oia Trans offers customers access to an advanced telematics system that can monitor the vehicle’s location, arrival time of goods, stopping points, transit time or kilometers traveled.

Thus, each customer can follow in real time the logistics operations, the safety of the goods and the deadline of departure and arrival at the destination.

European expansion

Oia Trans developed together with its customers, thus necessitating the European expansion of the company in order to serve transport solutions closely. Thus, in the first phase, we opened offices in Bulgaria and Germany, followed by the opening of other offices in Europe to consolidate the expansion.

At a glance

10 years of one-stop shipping

Oia Trans has expanded the business scale and consolidated it’s position in the industry.

Forward-looking business

We transport general cargo anywhere in Romania, as well as in Europe, in both intra-Community and extra-Community trade sectors.

In order for the goods to arrive in optimal conditions at destination, we have in our fleet special tilt-covered semi-trailers for this type of transport.

Meet our team

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Oiatrans SRL

Ovidiu Perju

General Manager

Diana Nicoleta Gherasim

Head of Logistic Operation

Bianca Elena Calita

Chief Financial Officer

Simona Olariu


Florin Craciun

International Transport Coordinator

Emilian Stoica

Trainee Logistic Planner

Yasmin Zaeim

Logistic Planner

Madalina Gurau

Trainee Logistic Planner

Bogdan Cojocaru

Trainee Logistic Planner

Oiatrans GmbH

Mathias Behm


Kevin Behneke


Alexander Hinnah

Team Leader

Dennis Wegener


Oiatrans Spedition Ltd

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