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Container Transport and Sustainability: Contribution to Emission Reduction

The transport industry is one of the main contributors to carbon emissions, a regrettable fact that requires significant changes across the entire sector. In this context, Oia Trans GmbH is committed to making the necessary changes for a better future and is constantly looking for new solutions. Our portfolio of sustainable transport options reflects this commitment.

Our drive to reduce our environmental impact is deeply ingrained in our company’s DNA. We have always been forward-thinking and, in line with our tradition, aim to achieve complete carbon neutrality as soon as possible, in accordance with European goals.

To turn this ambitious vision into reality, we focus on implementing new carbon reduction initiatives while maintaining existing projects. In this article, we will introduce our compensation programs and carbon emission reduction initiatives, providing insight into what Oia Trans GmbH has to offer. We hope to assist you in choosing the right eco-friendly container transport option for your business.

Better Fuel for a Better Future

In addition to our growing electric fleet, we will soon introduce the use of HVO. HVO is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional diesel fuel, aiming to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. HVO, or hydrogenated vegetable oil, is a synthetic biodiesel derived from renewable sources. Its carbon footprint is measured at an impressively low level of 0.11 kg CO2/km, meaning an HVO truck emits 85% less CO2 than a standard diesel truck.

By using HVO alongside our electric vehicles, we will make significant strides in reducing our ecological footprint, ensuring our customers have more sustainable transport options that precisely match their routes and needs.

Intermodal – A Diverse Approach to Eco-friendly Transports

Another environmentally conscious transport offering is our Intermodal Service. The intermodal container transport underlying this service combines multiple modes of transport to optimize logistics, minimize fuel consumption per freight unit, and significantly reduce carbon emissions. Many of our trains already run on electricity, in addition to the trucks used in the last-mile operations.

Motivated by these environmental benefits and increased transport efficiency, we are actively expanding our Intermodal Service across our entire European network. The Intermodal Service is a comprehensive service that seamlessly integrates a flexible, efficient, and reliable intermodal network with our expertise in last-mile truck delivery. As a result, this service allows you to transport goods in a more sustainable manner without compromising efficiency or reliability.

In conclusion, Oia Trans GmbH is committed to creating a more sustainable future for the container transport industry. Through the implementation of new technologies and solutions, such as electric trucks, HVO fuel, and Intermodal Services, we strive to reduce our environmental impact and offer our customers more sustainable transport options. Together, we can make a difference and contribute to a greener future.