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Container Transport


We take over the transport and logistical management of maritime containers from and to popular ports Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven, Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Duisburg. Flexibility, efficiency, and fast service are possible thanks to our modern vehicle fleet and real-time online terminal services.

Own Fleet and Equipment

We have a fleet of 65 semi-trailer trucks, equipped with modern technology and EURO 6 standard. 

Thanks to our diversity of multi chassis, 6-meter (20 feet) chassis, and sliding chassis, we can offer hassle-free container transports.

Safety through Technology

Our own fleet of latest-generation trucks for reliable and efficient transports.

Our services include

  • Local and long-distance transport
  • 20′ Standard, 40′ Multi and “Ride & Side” chassis
  • Waste transports
  • Refrigerated transports
  • ADR / Dangerous goods transports
  • Special courses
  • Decoupling during weekends/holidays
  • Customs formalities (NCTS + custody exchange)

DENNISON "Ride & Slide" Chassis

Through a recent strategic decision, Oia Trans GmbH has expanded its chassis fleet through top acquisitions with DENNISON, adding new “Ride & Slide” chassis with refrigeration units (GENSET). 

This growth represents a renewal of Oia Trans GmbH’s vision, with a clear focus on increasing transport efficiency and improving safety. By investing in the latest technology, Oia Trans GmbH is committed to providing strong and safe transport services.

Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated containers (Gensets) are the ideal solution for uninterrupted transport and maintaining the optimal temperature for perishable goods throughout the transport route.

Genmark BV is Oia Trans GmbH’s partner, to equip maritime containers with high-quality generators.

Genmark BV is a Dutch company that manufactures generators.

All generators are manufactured in Rotterdam, in the factory operated by Genmark.


They are manufactured with a fully galvanized frame, high-quality steel, and robust shock absorbers, making them durable.


Genmark generators run on a Yanmar diesel engine.

Yanmar was founded in 1912 in Japan and is one of the leading diesel engine manufacturers worldwide. The OEM direct injection 4-cylinder diesel engine was specially developed for Genmark generators.

For this type of engine, AdBlue is not necessary, fuel consumption is reduced, and there is no need for a minimum load to operate correctly.

The engine is certified according to European Stage V-Non-Road-Emission standards.

Generator Technology

The generators are manufactured by the Dutch company Genmark and are equipped with the latest generation diesel engines from the Japanese company Yanmar, known worldwide for the efficiency of its engines.

The 4-cylinder direct injection engine was specially developed for optimal operation with Genmark generators, thus reducing fuel consumption and eliminating the need to use AdBlue.

The engine meets all Stage V emission standards for non-road vehicles in Europe.

Innovation and Efficiency

For example, a refrigerated container can have a cooling-freezing system that maintains the temperature at -30 degrees Celsius, or a heating system that maintains the temperature at +30 degrees Celsius.

These cooling or heating systems are powered by energy produced by a generator.

ADR Transport

Some of our vehicles are equipped with the necessary technology for the transport of dangerous goods according to ADR.

Our drivers and dispatchers are very well trained in handling dangerous goods.

Risk Insurance

All goods transported by us are insured through the CMR insurance policy from AXA Insurance Germany.

The policy has a value of up to 2 million € and covers all risks in all countries where transport is carried out.

AXA is an international insurance group operating in over 60 countries, including Germany.

AXA Insurance offers container transport insurance that covers the risks of container traffic by sea, road, rail, or air.

These insurances can cover damages, destruction, or loss of containers, but also specific risks such as delays or damages to the transported goods.

AXA Insurance also offers insurance options for perishable goods and foods that require temperature control during transport.

Climate Responsibility

We strive to combine our company’s success with responsibility for the environment and climate, adopting the UN’s sustainability goals as an integral part of our business strategy.

Investments in Modern Technology

We focus on optimizing our processes to increase productivity and reduce our impact on the environment.