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We are here to assist you with quoting and booking, answer any questions and help with planning complex shipments, cross-border freight and more.

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You benefit from working with a successful transport company with over 10 years of experience and a modern fleet.

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We plan, connect and shorten the distances through a full spectrum of logistics services at standards that meet the needs of each business smaller or larger.

CMR Insurance

Our CMR insurance offers comprehensive and customized insurance protection under the mandatory statutory liability regulations for the carrier in road transport.

All goods shipped by us are provided by CMR insurance policy from AXA Insurance Germany. The policy value is up to 2 million euros and covers all risks, in all countries where the transport is carried out.


Upon request, we will also take care of all formalities that need to be done in the import and customs clearance of goods transportation.



Once we have established the plans, our consultants will make you an offer with all the costs and terms. You will receive the perfect-fit package for your requirements.


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After we have your agreement, we get to work right away. The process is simple and easy.

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