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Oia Trans GmbH Expands its Trailer Fleet in Collaboration with Global Manufacturer DENNISON

Oia Trans GmbH is expanding its trailer fleet in collaboration with global manufacturer Dennison. In a strategic move to further enhance its services, Oia Trans GmbH has recently enriched its trailer fleet with top acquisitions from Dennison, thus integrating next-generation devices. This expansion is not just a simple addition to the fleet, but a renewal of Oia Trans GmbH’s vision, with a clear emphasis on increasing transport efficiency and improving safety through investment in cutting-edge technology. Oia Trans GmbH reaffirms its commitment to providing exceptional, safe, and efficient transport services.

Dennison Trailers is a leading manufacturer in both the UK and Ireland and dominates the container transport sector. The company also records significant growth in other markets, including construction, timber, steel, and the oil industry. In Ireland, Dennison is the market leader in providing tipping semi-trailers and in the UK it dominates the market for skeletal semi-trailers.

Dennison Trailers is a company that passionately commits to engineering excellence and the best possible service for customers. It commits to ongoing research and development to provide innovative and well-designed products that meet safety and quality standards, complemented by high-quality after-sales service. Among their objectives are fuel saving, maximizing loads, improving maneuverability and flexibility, improving safety, and complying with all legal regulations. All their trailers are built with the renowned Dennison chassis, the result of five decades of design, manufacturing expertise, and experience. For each trailer built, strict quality procedures are followed, supported by their ISO 9001:2015 certification.