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Risk Insurance in Container Transportation: A Necessity, Not a Luxury

In the world of container transportation, risks are a reality that every operator must face. From damages caused by unfavorable weather conditions to delays caused by logistical issues, there are many situations where transported goods can be affected. This is where risk insurance comes in.

What is risk insurance?

Risk insurance is a form of financial protection that covers potential losses associated with container transportation. At Oiatrans, all the goods we transport are insured through the CMR insurance policy from AXA Insurance Germany. This policy has a value of up to 2 million € and covers all risks in all countries where transportation is carried out.

Why AXA Insurance?

AXA is an international insurance group operating in over 60 countries, including Germany. With a solid reputation and vast experience in the insurance field, AXA is a trusted partner for Oiatrans.

What does container transportation insurance cover?

The container transportation insurance offered by AXA covers the risks of container traffic by sea, road, rail, or air. It can cover damages, destruction, or loss of containers, as well as specific risks such as delays or damages to transported goods.

Insurance for perishable goods

For perishable goods and foods that require temperature control during transportation, AXA Insurance offers specific insurance options. This is essential protection for any transportation operator dealing with temperature-sensitive goods.

In conclusion, risk insurance is an essential component of container transportation. At Oiatrans, we commit to providing safe and efficient transportation services, and our partnership with AXA Insurance allows us to offer this essential financial protection to our clients.