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Road Transport


Oia Trans can manage containerized goods transport at the European level, offering containerized transport services exclusively or in groupage, depending on customer needs.

Own Fleet and Equipment

We have a fleet of 3 semi-trailer trucks equipped with the latest technology and EURO 6 standard, as well as several Sprinter vehicles. Thanks to our own tarpaulin semi-trailers, we can offer hassle-free transports.

Safety through Technology

Own fleet of latest-generation trucks for reliable and efficient transports.

Telematics System

We use telematics systems for monitoring our vehicles with real-time GPS location tracking and communication with our drivers ensures precise planning and safety in transport. Our colleagues are available non-stop.

A telematics system for monitoring container transport allows real-time tracking of the location and status of containers during transport.

This system includes sensors that transmit data about location, temperature, humidity, stock, and other important information about the content and condition of the containers.

These data are then transmitted via satellite to a data center, where they can be accessed by Oia Trans and its customers, to allow more precise planning for the routes used.

Telematics systems for container monitoring are used to efficiently locate and manage goods transport, as well as to ensure the safety of the load during transport.

Risk Insurance

All goods transported by us are insured through the CMR insurance policy from AXA Insurance Germany.

The policy has a value of up to 2 million € and covers all risks in all countries where transport is carried out.

AXA is an international insurance group operating in over 60 countries, including Germany.

AXA Insurance offers container transport insurance that covers the risks of container traffic by sea, road, rail, or air.

These insurances can cover damages, destruction, or loss of containers, but also specific risks such as delays or damages to the transported goods.

AXA Insurance also offers insurance options for perishable goods and foods that require temperature control during transport.

Climate Responsibility

We strive to combine our company’s success with responsibility for the environment and climate, adopting the UN’s sustainability goals as an integral part of our business strategy.

Investments in Modern Technology

We focus on optimizing our processes to increase productivity and reduce our impact on the environment.