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The Advantages of Refrigerated Container Transport: Competitive Edge

This article explores the advantages and considerations associated with the transport of refrigerated containers with Genset technology.

Is the transport of Genset containers by ship faster than road transport?

  • The transport of Genset containers by ship can transport multiple containers in a single trip, reducing the number of trips needed to transport a certain amount of goods.
  • Sea transport can establish direct connections between ports, while road transport may need to be rerouted through multiple cities or states.
  • The speed of shipping can be higher than the average speed of trucks.
  • While road transport can be affected by adverse weather conditions, sea transport is less affected.
  • The loading and unloading time of containers can be faster in ports than in warehouses with refrigerated trucks.
  • The transport costs for sea transport can be cheaper for certain routes than road transport costs.
  • In some cases, customs or other taxes for sea transport may be cheaper than for road transport.
  • Containers can be transferred to multiple modes of transport (such as train or ship) to adapt to transport needs.
  • Containers can be easily stored in ports, while refrigerated trucks may need additional and costly parking spaces.
  • Genset refrigerated containers can offer higher temperature control during transport, which can be important for perishable goods.

Is sea transport with Genset containers cheaper than road transport?

  • Genset containers do not require stopovers for refueling, which can reduce transport costs by avoiding additional stops and fuel costs.
  • Genset containers are lighter than traditional refrigerated trucks, which can lead to additional savings through lower fuel consumption.
  • Genset containers can be rented, reducing maintenance and depreciation costs for companies that do not want to invest in their own refrigerated truck.
  • Genset containers can be used in various transport conditions, including sea, rail, and road transport, making them a versatile transport option.
  • Genset containers can transport perishable goods more safely as the temperature can be precisely controlled.
  • Genset containers can help keep the goods in a better condition during transport, which can lead to a higher sales value.

What advantages do Gensets offer?


Gensets provide an independent and portable power source for transport containers, meaning they can be used at any location without being connected to an external power source.


Gensets can be installed and uninstalled quickly and easily, making them a flexible option for transporting containers in various route conditions and weather conditions.

Reduced Costs

The use of Gensets can help reduce transport costs as there are no additional costs for connecting to an external power source or purchasing connection devices.


Gensets can be used to provide power for various purposes, including lighting, heating, and cooling, making them a versatile option for container transport.


Gensets are high-quality equipment and designed for use in harsh conditions, meaning they provide additional safety for container transport.